What to Expect


We worship together on Sunday Mornings at 8:45 and 10:45 at 1301 Navajo Trail. We are located across from the High School.

What should you expect?

We make every effort to be a loving community of believers who’s focus is show the Love of Jesus Christ to our community. We will encourage each other on Sunday mornings through singing and praying together. The central focus of our gathering is the preaching of the God’s Word, the Bible. We want to help you be ready to live out your faith at home, work, and in your neighborhood.

What will it look like when you attend?

We dress casual for worship services. Jeans, shorts, Polos, t-shirts, sneakers, and flip-flops are all acceptable. Some chose to dress a little more formal, but you are welcome just as you are.

We will sing several songs of praise to God. We try to be contemporary in our music and use a full band to accomplish that. Don’t worry though, if singing is not your thing, no big deal.

We preach right from the Bible. Our goal each week is to make God’s Word very applicable to your life. We will use video clips, props, music, drama, and humor to accomplish this goal. Most people find our teaching very down to earth. Please plan to bring you Bible so you can follow along with us.

We offer classes and child care for infants through the 4th grade at both services. Our kids program rotates themes very 8 weeks so your kids are constantly learning something new each week. We use singing, drama, games, and crafts to help them remember each lesson. We have a child check-in system to protect all of our children. You will check-in your children and receive a tag with a unique identifier for your family. After service, you will return to pick up your kids, but they will only be released to you by the identifier on your tag. This ensures safety for your children.